We restored the Centre Panel and restored and painted one side panel

Restored panels at Rondebosch prep School
Painted Detail of stained glass panel
Before restoration
Francois Painting Flowers onto glass
Painted flowers onto glass

Solms Delta

Repainted the leg piece. 

Before and after pictures of another window.

The Painted window was vandalized again and is currently being restored in the studio. This time we need to repaint quite a lot of the original pieces.

picure of a painted stained glass window with a badly replaced piece
Newly painted leg for stained glass window
Complete Stained Glass window at Solms Delta
Window in desperate need of restoration
Restored stained glass window
polycarbonate glazing on church windows

Corpus Christi, Wynberg

 Adding polycarbonate to the outside of the church windows to preserve the windows and prevent leakage.

Before photo of windows at corpus christi


Due to not finding the same or similar blue glass, we introduced 75 clear textured pieces, moved 40 original blue pieces, and replaced about 120 cracked antique/mouth-blown shapes in the heads.

Replacing glass pieces at wupperthal
Vredenburg, broken stained glass panels

Reformed Church, Vredenburg

Made new Stained Glass Windows

Fixed 80 Vandalism Breaks on Site

newly made stained glass windws
Cherry picker enabled restoration, removal of Stained Glass Panels


Restored the Round Windows

Restored Stained Glass Panel
Rose Window

NGK , Springbok

Restored 17 Vandalized Panels

Rose window from the inside
replacing clock of church's glass for Andrew Murray Church

Andrew Murray, Wellington

Replaced Broken Glass in Clock Tower

picture of cherry picker lifting us up to the clock tower to replace the glass
Restored 22 stained glass windows at aurora

Dutch Reformed Church, Aurora

Restored 22 Panels that were vandalized

restoring broken glass in church tower

Toringkerk, Paarl

Replaced Broken Glass in Church Tower

restoration of church windows in Agter-paarl

Dutch Reformed Church, Windmeul

Restored All the Church Windows

CBC Church


Conserved Painted Face

Restored Round Windows

broken painted face of Mary
Glued broken face of painting on glass
conserved painted face on glass
buckled stained glass panel
broken panel
restored stained glass, cbc kimberley


If your residential windows need a revamp, slammed shut, or is falling apart…

We also restore and re-lead windows for homes!

List of Other Churches We Restored/Made New Panels For: