Our Commercial Clients

Public Places


Cape Town

In collaboration with KT Interior, we made an art deco-style bulkhead for “Egghead,” suspended gracefully over the counter. This seamless fusion of design and precision manufacturing defines the unique charm of this distinctive project.

restaurant view of egghead diner
photo of bare bulkhead, pre-installation at Egghead Diner
Installing art deco stained glass panels at Egghead Diner for bulkhead
close up picture of art deco style stained glass bulkhead above till


Our team undertook the task of designing and crafting 215 windows for Tashas Le Parc, each adorned in a delightful array of pastel hues. These windows breathe life into the space, casting playful shades and creating an enchanting atmosphere that invites guests to linger and indulge.

soft pastel windows at Tashas le Parc
Restaurant view, including stained glass windows of Tashas le Parc
Close up of pastel windows at Tashas le Parc
full restaurant view of Tashas le Parc


Collaborating once again with KT Interiors, we set out to reimagine the aesthetic of La Parada. Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of Art Deco, we meticulously crafted bespoke windows and a distinctive bulkhead. The result is a seamless fusion of classic elegance and modern allure, elevating the ambiance of the venue to new heights.

art deco style windows at la Parada
Classic texture clear and yellow windows at la Parada
close up of art deco windows at la Parada
Side view of art deco window at la Parada


Precision and creativity converged as we crafted and installed an array of windows for Hey Joe Breweries. From grand church-like windows to intricate round ones, each piece reflects our commitment to detail. Adding a personal touch, the company logo adorns the entrance, while colorful panel above the bar serves as a focal point, enveloping patrons in a warm and inviting atmosphere

close-up of stained glass window at Hey Joe
Painted Logo of Window at Hey Joe Brewery
Picture of stained glass panel inside Hey Joe
Hey Joe Logo
picture of 4 stained glass panels inside Hey Joe


At Val Du Charron, our craftsmanship shines through in a stunning large tree window, meticulously crafted with 996 pieces of glass, enhancing the ambiance . The wedding accommodation boasts the unique charm of two eye-catching windows, while the presence of two mosaic angels, named the Dutch and the African angels, adds an artistic touch to the surroundings.

stained glass tree at Val du Charron
eyes stained glass window at val du charron
dutch mosaic angel
val du charron
african angel, mosaic


Installed stained glass  into two wagon wheels, infusing them with a renewed sense of charm and character. 

Additionally, we created another window designed to complement the beauty of a cast iron deco.

wheel with green glass at Simondium Country Lodge
Simondium Country Lodge
Simondium Country Lodge
Simondium Country Lodge
Simondium Country Lodge, entrance of Pou Paleis


Our skilled team, we crafted exquisite side panels for the chapel. Each panel featured diamond shapes, bordered with vibrant colors and delicately painted vine leaves. Additionally, we crafted a serene dove to grace the space behind the altar, adding a touch of grace and symbolism to the sacred setting.

Vondeling painted vine
Chapel Window of Dove at Vondeling Chapel
Vondeling side panels
vondeling vines being painted

Cape Town

We crafted 32 Traditional panels in different shades of green and pastels. For Health and Safety , all panels were double glazed.

cape cardaggon boutique hotel stained glass windows


Designed by Elona O’Neill and Installed by Francois van der Merwe.

Glass Ceiling Installation Tashas Marina Mall, Dubai

Cape Town

We suspended 1568 pieces of glass from the ceiling over the counter.

Glass Ceiling Installation at Tashas Canal Walk


In collaboration with Elona O’Neill we manufactured and suspended this elegant masterpiece.

Glass Ceiling Installation at Tashas Melrose Arch