Working in Ireland

Restoration of Stained Glass Windows, Ireland

After spending 8 years in Ireland, we are delighted to showcase some of our favorite work


“The stained glass collection at Bunratty consists of almost one hundred panels, many of them made up of multiple different fragments. In terms of date, the glass spans the 14th to the 19th or early 20th centuries, but 16th-century work is particularly well represented.”                Heather Gilderdale Scott

Stained Glass at Bunratty Castle
Stained glass windows of Bunratty Castle
4 stained glass panels in bunratty castle
Picture of Bunratty Castle
Windows of Bunratty Castle

Bray, Wicklow

Large stained glass window depicting Mary at Christ church, wicklow


Intricate stained glass at Holy Trinity, Roscommon


colorful stained glass windows at st.mary's, sandymount


dome windows at st. alphonsus in Limirick



Rose window restored at NUI, Manooth

Aran Islands

Restored stined glass window at Inis Maein, Arann Islands

Commissions for Painted Stained Glass, Ireland

with Aria Stained Glass

Tulira Castle


“Outside Galway, on 265 acres, is Tulira Castle. Meticulously restored by its Dutch owners, it comprises a 16th-century tower and a Victorian main house, built by Edward Martyn, cofounder of the Abbey Theatre.”

Madeleine Lyons

F&B painted stained glass window for Tulira Castle
sand blasted and painted flower stained glass window for Tulira castle
installing stained glass windows in Turlira castle
picture of Tulira castle
painted portrait in stained glass window

Bray, Wicklow

painted church, stained glass window, castlemacadam
Church of our lady, angel stained glass window

Other Windows

In collaboration with Vicki Crowley

birds eye view of the lords supper, stained glass window
two painted stained glass windows for Vivki Crowley
painted stained glass window, designed by vicki crowley
painted stained glass window about the garden of eden, designed by Vicki crowley
painted stained glass depicting the lords supper, designed by Vicki Crowley
Painted stained glass window, depiting Jesus as the Lamb, designed by Vicki crowley
painted stained glass window depicting mary and Jesus, designed by Vicki crowley